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Camera Shy by Matthew Parkes

Assigned to trap a political assassin, AFIS agent, Jack Ballam, is ordered to use Sydney's top male model, Tane Caton, as bait. At their first meeting, Ballam is instantly, dangerously attracted to the man.

On the verge of a new career in films and vulnerable, Caton is unaware the adviser helping him to prepare for his first role as a mercenary will use him ruthlessly and betray him.

260 pages Read a short extract (pdf format).  

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Silk and Feather by M. Jones

The two novellas in this book explore otherworldly attractions in dark and gothic tones.

A Shadow of Red Silk tells the story of Adrian who, sick and penniless, is forced to accept the hospitality of his ruthless cousin. Adrian is completely alone; his only hope that his end will be swift. But there are surprises in the dark, hostile house

The second novella, A Crimson Feather, has resident tough cop Rook Larson on the hunt for an antiques dealer. When Rook finds Azriel injured in an alleyway, he feels compelled to help him. As their relationship deepens, and Rook investigates the perpetrator of Azriel's attack, he discovers the dealer collects more than just hard-to-find antiques and that some things are above price.

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Perfect Trust by S Hardy Brondos

When Jason Swedborg and Daniel Reilly agree to work as top-secret agents for the US government, they expect to encounter danger and death. What they don't expect is to face a twisted web of conspiracy which includes shadows from Daniel's past and the ominous beat of voodoo drums.

Nor do they expect to fall in love with each other. Life is full of surprises.

The first Swedborg & Reilly novel

270 pages Read a short extract (pdf format).  

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Perfect Hope by S. Hardy Brondos

Jason Swedborg and Daniel Reilly have been partners and lovers for over a year, but working together takes on new meaning and new dangers when Jason is ordered to play the part of a young gay man on the make. Daniel must watch from the sidelines while his partner is used as bait to lure a foreign terrorist who is also a serial killer.

But he refuses to watch helplessly and enlists the aid of Jason's family in unravelling a tangled web of intrigue and violence that seems destined to leave both of them alone and without hope.

The second Swedborg and Reilly mystery.

257 pages Read a short extract (pdf format).  
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The Larton Chronicles by James Anson

Robert March, acerbic writer and ex-policeman, moves to Larton where he meets Michael Faulkner, the hard-riding, hard-drinking 'squire' of the village. Robert comes to like Larton, but finds there are drawbacks to living there - Michael being one of them.

The Larton Chronicles is a gentle, humorous amble through the English countryside meeting Michael's relatives, Robert's long-suffering agent, the Irish showjumping team, Robert's beloved Aga, and the folk from Larton itself. Damp dogs, hard-ridden horses and snooty cats roam pages filled with the story of Rob and Mike - fighting, laughing, loving and building a life together.

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Kind Hearts by Evelyn Martin

Nick Ryan's life is an open book for anyone to read; on the other hand Edward Ashton, his partner in the successful Burford's Detective Agency, is more of an enigma. Together they get results, but then a new case threatens to drag Ashton's past into the limelight.
280 pages Read a short extract (pdf format).  
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Paper Flowers by Kit Fisher

Seeking vital clues to bring a gang of corrupt police to justice, Peter Duncan finds more pain - and more love - than he ever bargained for. With an enemy on one side and a lover on the other, his life is about to be torn apart, maybe forever.
287 pages Read a short extract (pdf format).  
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The Sorcerer's Web by T.P. Macer

The Royal Family of Cardia has been viciously murdered and the country's borders are being attacked. Adam Pell is a ranger, defending the realm as he mourns the death of his cousin, the king.

Then he meets Morgan, on his way to enlist, and the attraction is instant and mutual. But Morgan is not what he seems. Dangerous, complex, haunted by his past and compelled by his masters to carry death with him wherever he goes, he brings a dreadful threat to Cardia - and to Adam Pell himself.

296 pages Read a short extract (pdf format).  
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